Stop ruminating it is mentally degrading


Ruminating or over thinking about a particular aspect of life is something that proves to be dangerous for our mental equilibrium.

How many times it has been that you get stuck in the vicious cycle of never-ending thought which impedes your every normal activity.

It appears like we get stuck in a kind of thought cell where there is no way out. It is very important for us to break the habit of getting stuck in one kind of thought which can sometimes be so overwhelming that we fail to think logically and rationally.

Steps to curb the habit of ruminating

Self awareness is more than important to realize what emotions and feelings one is undergoing while dwelling on ruminations. Once you become aware of the negative implications of ruminating you may look out for something constructive.

Shifting your attention on something more positive and constructive like drawing or reading something enlightening can perhaps lessen our tendency to ruminating.

Believe in the irrational nature of many of your anxiety provoking thoughts. We keep on fearing a lot many times things which are merely our imaginations. Thought may come and go but focus more on solutions rather than the problem.

Stick to the everyday schedule of life and learn to set priorities in life.

Meditation can come as a blessing and a big time saviour in cases where mental equilibrium has gotten off the balance.

In the end if nothing comes to your rescue a good psychiatric intervention can help you with your problem.

The road beyond

Don’t just change your expression to leave an everlasting impression on someone who never noticed the best in you how rude of you to be what you never wanted to be let go what was never yours or ever meant to be. Always treading on the path taken by others does that ever make you feel better or worse like a cattle. Free yourself from the clutches of what perceptions people are holding of you your idea of life doesn’t have to ally all the time with some narrow-minded projection. The least treaded path was solely guided by your intuition and don’t let it down by some insensitive apprehension. Fears are only your inner extensions use them to challenge yourself to the maximum to see the new dimensions. All this world is a stage enact a role that has never been performed before.

Incongruity in the tinsel town

The perceptual image of a celebrated actor in the contemporary times where he or she inevitably is looked upon as a worshipping figure by a huge number of fans drawn frantically towards him carries a big onus on his shoulders in developing a far more ethical society.

The larger picture of life in the long run takes a beating if a young mind starts to emulate such public figures who are witnessed endorsing unethical and irrational issues.

What more sounds unbearably appalling is such celebrated entities are completely devoid of any kind of guilt and they find anchor in huge fan following. This is the biggest disservice they can do to any society without even being aware of the repercussions. Such incidents are not uncommon to be seen in a democracy like ours where celebrities are coming out in the open in the name of fundamental rights to support anti social elements in the country.

Awareness about one’s fundamental rights does not entitle any citizen to misuse it against the solidarity and integrity of one’s own country but we need to reeducate our minds and liberate our inner conscience to enjoy the power of changing the world vested in our hands in its true sense.

Take a plunge into the brighter side of this new year

I resolve to be the silver lining in someone’s cloud

Shrug off all the grudges to foray into the world of peace

Let my wisdom guide me through the path of darkness

Take a dive into the habit of optimism to dispel all fears holding me back

Refrain my heart and mind from overindulgence in the immaterial world

Keep good health and sanity my biggest priority

Make endurance and resilience my only key to success

Happiness and love always

I’m not here to impress everyone

I may not count myself in the bracket of those out of the world people who proudly call themselves super perfectionist and superficially complete in all respect but at least I am happy from within I did my best to complete the task. Yes I do cry publicly at times have broken down many a times to see my loved ones in pain but at least I am not a hypocrite like you who would be shedding crocodile tears for people in suffering and mocking them behind their back.

Yes I may have fumbled to speak my lines on the stage but I have the courage to speak my mind when my time comes .

Yes I may have fallen behind in the race may have failed to win any accolades but I always have the strength to walk the miles and stand by for what I believe in.

I have just got nothing to brag about my academic achievements my numerical aptitude test scores were abysmally low and teachers often labeled me as a dimwit but my wisdom always taught me there is no end to learning in life and it always teaches you something new so I am not ashamed to call myself learner at every stage of my life.

I may not be born with complementary features like you and people often say I look ordinary but I am still proud of what I am blessed with the trait of loyalty and honesty and I don’t have to use layers of facade to hide my true feelings.

Be what you are and embrace yourself unconditionally with what traits you are born with because you are unique in your self and no-one can replace you.

All he deserves is your unconditional acceptance

Every child is a gift of God that needs to be very much respected and nurtured irrespective of what good or bad points he has. But the picture that strikes us is far away from the reality once the kid is born into our family we claim to have right upon him as though he is our personal property and we own it to the best of our interest.

The new age parents fiercely get into the race of grooming their child as soon as he enters the toddler age. They desperately look forward to creating intellectually stimulating environment for their child by introducing him to the new concepts of learning without leaving any stones unturned in transforming their children into child prodigy who can one day deliever phenomenal performance in any sphere he undertakes.

Without even realizing what the real potential of the kid is they throw him into the labyrinth of competition where his strengths are pitted against others. The poor child is forced to get enrolled in multiple activities and classes just to prove his worth in front of others and make his obsessed with success parents proud.

is it not good enough to let the child alone and be what they want to be. Let your child dwell in the world full of fantasy and imagination. This is the only way his creativity can bloom to the fullest and stop making him a part of this rat race which is a brutal and harsh realities of the time.

Don’t let his self esteem get ruined in the long run even at times when he fails to achieve his goals.

Encourage him to embrace his failures because these are going to be the learning moments for him.

Be there with him when he needs you because you are the biggest support system around and he will look upto you as a role model.

Teach him the meaning of rejoicing the lessons of learning in life it is not always about winning it is more about adding new experiences to life.

Acceptance and acknowledgement of the child can empower him from within and can enable him grow into a more responsible beings.

Memories untold

Some crisp warm memories

Still laying down like

a petal of rose on my soul

have been yearning every

now and then to find its way

Out through my laughter and tears

ready to sweep me by the deluge

Of thoughts some clinging to my

Soul filling my heart with ecstasy

some untold moments leaving

traces in my eyes hapless me

wondering if I could relive those

moments once again but often

forget I have been standing on the

desert of time where moments

get blown away with every blink

We as a good and responsible parents keep on preaching our younger lot about the harmful effects of staying glued to the screen all the time but have we really studied and observed our very own obsession or to put it in a more succinct way addiction to the gadgets around us.

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