Stop ruminating it is mentally degrading


Ruminating or over thinking about a particular aspect of life is something that proves to be dangerous for our mental equilibrium.

How many times it has been that you get stuck in the vicious cycle of never-ending thought which impedes your every normal activity.

It appears like we get stuck in a kind of thought cell where there is no way out. It is very important for us to break the habit of getting stuck in one kind of thought which can sometimes be so overwhelming that we fail to think logically and rationally.

Steps to curb the habit of ruminating

Self awareness is more than important to realize what emotions and feelings one is undergoing while dwelling on ruminations. Once you become aware of the negative implications of ruminating you may look out for something constructive.

Shifting your attention on something more positive and constructive like drawing or reading something enlightening can perhaps lessen our tendency to ruminating.

Believe in the irrational nature of many of your anxiety provoking thoughts. We keep on fearing a lot many times things which are merely our imaginations. Thought may come and go but focus more on solutions rather than the problem.

Stick to the everyday schedule of life and learn to set priorities in life.

Meditation can come as a blessing and a big time saviour in cases where mental equilibrium has gotten off the balance.

In the end if nothing comes to your rescue a good psychiatric intervention can help you with your problem.


Don’t hold back your emotions

When I was a little girl I would see my dad and my mom as magical figures who would bring to me anything on this earth at my slightest whim. I was the most sensitive and touchy among all my siblings. Being the first to my parents I always had an extra edge over my younger sister. I was always overprotected by my parents as I was the gullible and shy personality they had to keep a close watch on me so that nobody took advantage of my naive nature.

I was never too open about my inner feelings and couldn’t express my emotions so easily to anyone. Whether it was anger love or fear never it occurred to me that I could share it with anyone.

Parents especially my father always handled me with great care and love. He was extremely overprotective about me I could never imagine in my remotest thoughts if I one day had to leave him for the heavenly abode. The mere thought would run chills down my spine it was the most disastrous moment for any of us.

Such was the bond I shared with my dad who was an adorable person a doting caring father.

I lost my father who would always remain as an immortal figure in my life to a brief illness. Through out my life I am now going to regret why I bottled up inside my emotions for him failed to articulate how dearly and intensely I felt for him.

Don’t hold back your emotions let them flow out through your heart though your soul and deeper it shines through your words.

Laugh and dance like a free bird when you are happy

Cry out a river because pain needs a vent

Show your anger when things are not going right it is okay not to feel good all the time.

Emotions are the only catalyst which make us humans so express them.

Heal your mind heal your soul

A very popular saying says a healthy body forms the backbone for a sound mind and vice versa. It definitely holds true for each one of us no matter what genre we belong to. A sound and balanced mind can pave a way to a rational thinking and the resultant constructive behavior which can further help in making a progressive society as a whole.

stresses can play serious havoc with our mental equilibrium and in today’s scenario it is not uncommon for us to see the patients of hypertension diabetes asthma and many more psychosomatic problem spiraling around us.

Most of the problem are due to extrinsic factors but some are also seen to be having genetic basis.

We can not control what is happening outside but we can certainly control how we react to the outside world.

Mind is the most sacred realm for us and should be treated with utmost respect and care. What we feed to our mind eventually becomes our very own personality.

Overwhelming positive thoughts may sound baseless at times but I am of the opinion we should indulge in more of rational thinking and objectivity. Its is perfectly okay not to be okay sometimes you are bound to have mood swings and that is perfectly normal but you must know and look out for something constructive that can get you out of the pain.

nothing lasts forever not even your worries there is always a light at the end of the tunnel remember.

Tea for any reason

I am a typical tea addicted individual who would crave tea at the break of dawn. The moment I step out of my bed I put my hot cup of tea for brewing and feel intensely intoxicated by its aromatic flavors in the air.

We Indians are anything but strong tea lovers though we do find coffee also every bit of interesting but here in India tea is a typical desi drink and coffee is treated with more sophistication.

Tea works for any damn reason be it celebrations with friends or family or running down with high fever with stuffy nose all curled up comfortaby in your cosy bed and sipping on a hot cup of ginger tea.

Proud to be an Indian

When I was a little girl it would be a day of sheer joy and happiness for the children of my age to gaze at our proud tricolor flag being hoisted in my school.

It would certainly fill out our hearts with feelings of patriotism and love for our country when we would be matching past the audience with our heads held high with greater pride for our country. At the end of the grand celebrations there used to be distribution of sweets which we loved to relish.

Independence Day even till today after thirty years down the line marks the most beautiful n sacred day for us and we celebrate it like any other festivals in India.

We Indians have immense respect for the freedom fighters and martys who lay down their lives and sacrificed almost everything in their lives to set India free from the clutches of British monarchy who had made Indians their slaves. They had not only looted and plundered our wealth but also made them dependent on them for the basic needs.

We Indians have utmost respect for the freedom given to us after a long struggle and we pledge on this day to uphold it under any circumstances. We the people of India stand together for the sovereignity and integrity of our country.

India today has emerged as a superpower and stands tall in making significant contribution in the world.

Emotional intelligence can never be underplayed

Emotional behavior as we understand in a lay man’s term is defined by far as our inner feeling that we undergo in our everyday lives accompanied by variety of thoughts envisaging these emotions we feel.

We may experience a large variety of emotions in a single day you may be elated upon seeing yourself achieving grand success at one point of time and at different point of time you may be filled with grief on loosing your loved one.

Your internal environment is often seen to be controlled by what happens in the external environment. We normally tag an Individual more intelligent than others if he exhibits exemplary performance in his academics but unfortunately such statement holds no good and have lost their ground in the current era.

High levels of intelligence quotient is no guarantee of success in personal life. It can only help you score better grades to seek admission in a good college and later on to secure a lucrative career. This is not to suggest that a person with high level of intelligence will bond well with his colleagues and is going to have smooth interpersonal skills. Will he be able to take stresses in his stride and deal with problems with greater ease there is no answer to the question.

Emotional intelligence encompasses all the qualities that a normal person should have to strike a balance in one’s life when life throws at him any complex situations. Emotional stability and strength calls for an inner strength required to stay stable and mentally integrated when your going gets tough. Emotional intelligence surpasses all types of intelligence needed by the person to stay grounded and it is only emotional intelligence which can make a person resilient.

Saga of courage

Must we have the courage to fight for peace

Must we gather the courage to rebuild our tarnished hopes

Gather some more courage to find our inner conscience to see what is right

Courage to come out of pangs of guilt emerging from our failures

Courage to accept one another unconditionally without any biases

Courage to wade through our inner fears and emerge as a warrior