Stop ruminating it is mentally degrading


Ruminating or over thinking about a particular aspect of life is something that proves to be dangerous for our mental equilibrium.

How many times it has been that you get stuck in the vicious cycle of never-ending thought which impedes your every normal activity.

It appears like we get stuck in a kind of thought cell where there is no way out. It is very important for us to break the habit of getting stuck in one kind of thought which can sometimes be so overwhelming that we fail to think logically and rationally.

Steps to curb the habit of ruminating

Self awareness is more than important to realize what emotions and feelings one is undergoing while dwelling on ruminations. Once you become aware of the negative implications of ruminating you may look out for something constructive.

Shifting your attention on something more positive and constructive like drawing or reading something enlightening can perhaps lessen our tendency to ruminating.

Believe in the irrational nature of many of your anxiety provoking thoughts. We keep on fearing a lot many times things which are merely our imaginations. Thought may come and go but focus more on solutions rather than the problem.

Stick to the everyday schedule of life and learn to set priorities in life.

Meditation can come as a blessing and a big time saviour in cases where mental equilibrium has gotten off the balance.

In the end if nothing comes to your rescue a good psychiatric intervention can help you with your problem.

Elixir of life

Life never plays fair games with anyone and each one of us is treated equally. There is no one else who comes as a big rescue for you when you are left alone all by yourself. Don’t shy away from giving yourself a warm hug and a pat on your back when you achieve anything no matter how small or irrelevant it may seem to you but you always deserve that acknowledgement and unconditional love from your side. At the end of the day it is going to be only you by your side people may come and go but you have to stand by your side always. Never forget to appreciate everything you have been blessed with and you are one of them. Nurture your mind with good thoughts and see yourself grow into a better version of yourself.

My quest for silence

The other day I just happened to walk into my son’s room and as usual everything was nothing but a complete mess cluttering around on the floor and bed full of wrinkled sheet and what to say about the study table which needed to be fixed immediately.

How often do I need to raise my voice to him to tidy up his room he never paid heed to my words and turned deaf to all my advices.

I picked up from where I left trying my best to keep myself calm and composed taking every caution against raising my blood pressure I started to chant gayatri mantra murmuring each syllable softly and carefully it is so soothing at times to recite morning mantras which eventually empowers your mind somewhere and in turn reverberates positivity and peace in you.

Mental peace harmony with one’s inner conscience and inner voice is something we all long for when our whole inner world is thrown off the balance isn’t it.

I am a strong believer in the role of karmic cycle n do believe what goes around always comes around so we must endeavor to keep our karmic connection positive. Peace of mind is not just the ultimate goal of my life but I believe we should all understand it as a way of life and practice it to incorporate it into our everyday lives.

The ever chattering monkey mind of ours always seeks pleasure in bigger achievements and fails to see solace and comfort in acknowledging simple intangible moments of love and happiness bringing sheer joy to us.

Life never ceases to amaze us and teach us something new everyday so never stop learning because learning can never be confined to boundaries of age. Silence doesn’t exist anywhere else it rests in ourselves and we have to find infinite ways to see positivity in all the negative aspects of life. The overwhelming quest for our silence and stillness lives in our ability to control our thoughts wavering in negative direction. Flexibility in our thoughts is the biggest virtue which we need to develop this becomes the key to bounce back in times of crisis.

My other self

What was that tear

Falling down from my wrinkled eyes

Is it an old memory I had been

Clutching in my heart dusted it

Off to free my soul from the

Ever lingering pain setting down

heavily upon my soul tearing me

apart the shallowness in my vanity

Will today see the light of anonymity

Have I lost myself in the perplexity

Life is another name of bewilderment

I’m ready to untangle my heart and

mind of all the miseries and guilt

The world seems like a canvas today

these splutter of colours filled with

Gaiety and sanity are nothing less

Than my emotions and prayers

Pining for the infinite solace

I despise vanity to meet my sanity

Solitude is benign

Clinging on to the chaotic atmosphere whether outside my body or the state of perplexity going on in my inner self always tried to seek answers to find eternal peace. We constantly clamour for the solitude which appears to many like a distant dream. Does solace in all respect really exist or is it perhaps something to be taken as a far fetched idea.

Can we really do away from all the negativity and woes controlling our mind all the time. Perhaps the answer to many of the problems we are grappling with lies in loosing ourselves to solitude or in a world devoid of any complexities which otherwise have been created only at a mental level by us and they are baseless. We all need to detach ourselves to go inside of ourselves to seek solace. Solitude is like a melodious chant which brings us closer to our real self. Solitude can enable us to reach out to the inner most domains of our personality which we forget to connect with in our busy lives

Silent mind can speak louder than words.

Time is fragile

Time is not always by your side

Now the sanity in you has to decide

Either you push hard against the tide

Or you put to rest lest you run for life

Time is fragile but you have to stand agile

Refrain your instincts from being untamed

Control the beast in your mind from getting unchained

In the confines of your cocoons vulnerability shattered

Look for the new beginnings when nothing lasted

Where captivity becomes no more restraints

Hope and resilience will see the light again

Yes we all need detachment (self quarantine)

Every single individual on this planet whether big or small has been afflicted by the deadly virus setting our lives topsy-turvy creative havoc in every aspect of the world .corona virus has today become a household name in our country magnificent enough to send the chill down our spine ripping apart our lives. The major catastrophe has claimed thounds of lives in various countries and the number still seems to be growing exponentially in so many countries of late. Government of all the miserably hit nations have taken stringent measures to arrest its further growth and gruesome consequences. Self quarantine or solitary confinement is the biggest act of service we can do not just to ourselves but also to protect the mankind.

Feel utterly blessed from inside now that God has given us all the opportunity to look within ourselves and rejuvenate the spirit of being one with our lost conscience and put a break on judging and mingling with the outside world unnecessarily. Every negative aspect we are experiencing around us carries something positive inside it and we often overlook such intricacies of lives. Time has come when we can go deeper within our subconscious and stay away from mulling over all the trivial matters that was otherwise blocking all the positive energies from harnessing the divine side of us.

Take a step back and develop the strength to revive all the lost ties with your precious ones. Forgive and move on in the life there is no such point in carrying extra weight of grudges on your mind that weighs you down. Make peace with your mind.

Upgrade new skills in your lonely time mastering the art may not be so important at this stage but it will certainly arouse new zeal and enthusiasm in you to see new horizons of happiness everyday.

Eat right exercise regularly and spend sometime in meditation this will enhance your immune system to go a long way. Stay strong and positive always attitude counts.

The road beyond

Don’t just change your expression to leave an everlasting impression on someone who never noticed the best in you how rude of you to be what you never wanted to be let go what was never yours or ever meant to be. Always treading on the path taken by others does that ever make you feel better or worse like a cattle. Free yourself from the clutches of what perceptions people are holding of you your idea of life doesn’t have to ally all the time with some narrow-minded projection. The least treaded path was solely guided by your intuition and don’t let it down by some insensitive apprehension. Fears are only your inner extensions use them to challenge yourself to the maximum to see the new dimensions. All this world is a stage enact a role that has never been performed before.

Incongruity in the tinsel town

The perceptual image of a celebrated actor in the contemporary times where he or she inevitably is looked upon as a worshipping figure by a huge number of fans drawn frantically towards him carries a big onus on his shoulders in developing a far more ethical society.

The larger picture of life in the long run takes a beating if a young mind starts to emulate such public figures who are witnessed endorsing unethical and irrational issues.

What more sounds unbearably appalling is such celebrated entities are completely devoid of any kind of guilt and they find anchor in huge fan following. This is the biggest disservice they can do to any society without even being aware of the repercussions. Such incidents are not uncommon to be seen in a democracy like ours where celebrities are coming out in the open in the name of fundamental rights to support anti social elements in the country.

Awareness about one’s fundamental rights does not entitle any citizen to misuse it against the solidarity and integrity of one’s own country but we need to reeducate our minds and liberate our inner conscience to enjoy the power of changing the world vested in our hands in its true sense.